Know good and bad fatty foods for health

Have you been looking for these types of diets on the internet but still confused? Have you been undergoing a variety of diets but not yet succeeded?

If it is, then it is time to start a natural and healthier diet.

You can easily undergo a natural and healthy diet by always doing the 3 steps of MOP-food, exercise, and living patterns-below:

  • 70% healthy and successfully controlled diet factor from food. The type and quantity of food is very important so that weight decreases steadily and does not rise again.
  • Good type of food is full of nutrients like fruit vegetables. Make sure 1/2 of the meal portion in 1 plate is fruit vegetable, 1/4 for rice, and 1/4 more for animal or vegetable protein.
  • You can reduce daily calories as needed but do not reduce the intake of micronutritions because of micronutriors that will keep weight loss steady and not rise again.
  • Routine Detox 1 time each week will make you easier to maintain daily calorie intake and still ensure optimal amount of micronutrition and absorbable intake. 
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes daily is optimal for weight loss.
  • A combination of cardio such as fast roads and muscle formation exercises such as lifting weights is important so that weight drops steadily without rising drastically. 
  • Sleeps 7-8 hours every day so that weight is not easy to ride
  • Balance your thoughts and feelings. Emotions can contribute to the hormonal system that ultimately affects the metabolic rate as well.
  • Lose weight by naturally having to apply healthy eating, exercise and sleep adequately; Can not just one.
  • Solid food fasting all day, reducing calories in.
  • Removing toxins (detoxification)
  • Meet the needs of mineral vitamins so not easy to hunger
  • Smooth digestion (defecate and small)
  • Controlling appetite and craving to snacks and food carelessly